Partnerships for development


The drivers of crisis are multidimensional, and no one actor can – or should – address them all. Recognising this, UNDP actively seeks to strengthen existing and establish new partnerships
that will enable the organization to deliver better in crisis.

UNDP forges both traditional and new partnerships to overcome challenges, harnessing the respective strengths of different actors, from grassroots community actors to national governments, funding partners, programme countries, private sector and homegrown innovators, to ensure greater efficiency and more tailored responses to crisis.

UNDP also commits to adapting its own business model to ensure it can respond in ways that are tailor-made to the needs of each specific crisis context. UNDP’s multidimensional approach means we can provide technical expertise across multiple disciplines.

UNDP’s collaborative approach with partners replaces thematic and institutional silos with a people-centered approach. Coupled with our on-the-ground operational and programming ability, this enables us to have real impact on improving the lives of women, children and men living in crisis.



Partnerships for Development

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Partnerships for Development

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Partnerships for Development

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