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  • 8:00 – 9:30 New York
  • 14:00 – 15:30 Geneva
  • Henry Bonsu


  • Zena Ali-Ahmad

    Resident Representative
    UNDP Iraq

  • Daniel Hyslop

    Director of Policy, Learning and the Interpeace Advisory Team

  • Lydia Zigomo

    Regional Director, Horn East and Central Africa

  • Jerome Elie

    Head, Forced Migration
    International Council of Voluntary Agencies

  • Patrick Rabe

    Team Leader, Resilience & Fragility

  • Laurel Patterson

    Team Leader, SDG Integration Team

Where are the most left behind and why aren’t we reaching them?


Leave no one behind is the central, transformative promise of the 2030 Agenda. And yet 2.2 billion people, or 26% of the world’s population, will live in crisis and at-risk contexts by 2030: 38% are children. These – the most left behind – make up 76.5% of the world’s extremely poor (460 million people), and 96% of all global conflict deaths. Crisis contexts are home to 128 million food insecure people and 13.5 million refugees. Over 235 million people – 1 in 33 people worldwide – will need humanitarian assistance and protection this year.  

What does the global community need to do to reach the most left behind?  

This panel will explore different aspects of the lives of those left behind refocusing on youth, human rights, and dealing with growing inequality; on people and communities that are being marginalized and exploited, forced from their homes, and caught in the crossfire of humanitarian crises. 

The panel will end with a rallying cry to focus greater attention on ending need, ending crises and leaving no one behind.