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  • 8:00 – 9:30 New York
  • 14:00 – 15:30 Geneva
  • Satoru Nishikawa, Ph.D

    Professor, Disaster Mitigation Research Center
    Nagoya University

  • Najat Rochdi

    Resident Coordinator
    UN Lebanon

  • George Conway

    Deputy Director, Crisis Bureau

Shifting the paradigm towards people-centered and resilient recovery

View webinar recording here:


This event takes a hard look at what recovery should look like in an unpredictable world where pandemics, disasters, economic shocks often affect the country at the same time, taking away livelihoods and food security, and halting education and health services. In such a context, how do we help people and government recover ,and what metrics should be use to measure “people centered and resilient recovery”?

This event will examine the role of local, national and international actors in recovery from complex /multidimensional crisis, looking at how we can sustain efforts beyond the immediate short term needs to long term recovery and into the path for sustainable development.

The event will also present the draft recovery policy for UNDP, which will define UNDP’s programmatic offer in recovery, outlining what measures can be taken to prepare for recovery and to ensure that development and peace interventions start earlier and effectively work to end humanitarian need after a shock – including those who are most vulnerable and have been newly left behind. It will also present the right financing model for recovery.

The event will showcase UNDP and partners’ roles in post-crisis recovery efforts in support of governments and societies, building on our experience, partnerships on post-crisis recovery to complex crisis, durable solutions, and HDP nexus approaches.

The event will outline the steps we will take to:

  1. Define how we can plan recovery from multidimensional risks and complex crisis
  2. Better understand UNDP’s role and tools including across the nexus during recovery through a country example
  3. Present the draft recovery policy for inputs from key stakeholders, and
  4. Present approaches in supporting resilience of people and communities


Breakout Sessions included:

  1. Recovery Landscape
  2. Closing the Gap
  3. Employment and Decent Work
  4. Satellite Imagery


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