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  • This event has passed.
  • 8:00 – 9:15 New York
  • 14:00 – 15:15 Geneva
  • Janthomas Hiemstra

    Head, Country Support Management Team

  • Craig Castro

    Project Manager and SURGE Advisor
    UNDP Libya

  • Andra Brige

    Operations Advisor, SURGE Delivery Lab
    UNDP Mali

  • Fabjan Lashi

    Assessments Specialist, SURGE Data Hub, Country Support Management Team

  • Andrew Russell

    Strategic Change Management Expert, SURGE Delivery Lab
    UNDP Azerbaijan

  • Lucy Wanjiru

    Partnerships Specialist and SURGE Advisors, BERA

  • Camilla Weunsch

    Digital Assessment Specialist, SURGE Data Hub, Country Support Management Team

Ready to SURGE – Responding with right people at the right time!


This interactive discussion will showcase different systems and mechanisms UNDP has in place to deploy the right people at the right time during or after a crisis.

UNDP is fast, responsive and agile and has tailored solutions to boost the capacities at the country level when they are needed the most - namely SURGE advisors, GPN consultants, UN Volunteers, Stand-by partners, SURGE Academy, SURGE Data Hub and SURGE Delivery Lab.

We will kick off the session by presenting a scrambled puzzle that represents UNDP’s deployment mechanisms. Then through three presentations by UNDP colleagues, who been deployed under these mechanisms, we will discuss their contribution to the country office and piece by piece put the Crisis Bureau’s ‘right people at the right time’ puzzle together. In the second half of the discussion, we’ll work with the audience to identify the right deployments for scenarios that are based on real world examples. We’ll end with FAQs by UNDP senior management and Q & A from the audience.