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  • 10:00 – 11:30 New York
  • 16:00 – 17:30 Geneva
  • Asako Okai

    Director, Crisis Bureau

  • Raouf Mazou

    Assistant High Commissioner for Operations

  • Luca Renda

    Head of Recovery Solutions and Mobility Team

  • Roberta Russo

    Head of Partnerships a.i., Division of Resilience and Solutions

  • Jessica Faieta

    Resident Representative
    UNDP Columbia

  • Josef Merkx

    Resident Representative
    UNHCR Columbia

  • Ilija Todorovic

    Head of Sub-Office, Gambella Region

  • Assem Abi Ali

    General Supervisor
    Lebanon Crisis Response Plan

  • Indrika Ratwatte

    Director for Asia and the Pacific

  • Claire Van der Vaeren

    Chief, Country Office Liaison and Coordination Division, UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia Pacific

  • Linda Maguire

    Deputy Direct
    UNDP Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Carribean

  • Erwan Marteil

    Head of Section on Migration and Forced Displacement
    DG INTPA European Commission

UNDP-UNHCR Global Partnership on Forced Displacement


Download the presentation slides here:


The nature and scale of displacement crises have changed, becoming more protracted and intractable in nature and displaying increasingly complex interactions among social, economic, environmental, climatological, geographical, political, human rights and security-related drivers and consequences.  As of mid-2020, there are around 80 million people who have been forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations or events seriously disturbing public order.  The forcibly displaced often live in low- and middle-income countries facing their own economic and development challenges, placing an additional burden on host communities and state services in such countries and requiring more equitable responsibility-sharing internationally and the development of new partnerships to provide the necessary support.

Since 1987, UNDP and UNHCR have had two global cooperation agreements, the latest being a Global Joint-Action Plan with collaborations in all regions. UNDP and UNHCR mandates complement each other where persons of concern are vulnerable, marginalised, suffer discrimination or abuse, where mass displacements give rise to social tensions and exceed the capacity of the host or return state to manage a displacement crisis.  Three years after its inception, the UNDP and UNHCR Global Joint Action Plan now spans over 25 countries and three sub-regional Support Platforms in Central America and Mexico, Afghanistan and Somalia situations. UNDP’s commitments to the Global Refugee Forum focus on supporting conflict prevention and social cohesion, rule of law and local governance and digital livelihoods with the intention of expanding collaboration in 40 countries.  This event will highlight the achievements of the partnership and collaboration between the two agencies as well as emerging and future initiatives.

This event will be held on Zoom.