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  • 8:00 – 9:30 New York
  • Fionnuala Sweeney


  • Mourad Wahba

    Associate Administrator a.i.

  • Prince Mired Raad Zeid Al-Hussein

    Special Envoy for the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, President of the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

  • Ilene Cohn

    Director, a.i

  • General Jihad Bechelany

    LMAC, Lebanon

  • Wolfgang Bindseil

    Head of Division for Business and Human Rights
    German Foreign Office

  • Ambassador Stefano Toscano

    Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining

  • Nick Beresford

    Resident Representative
    UNDP Cambodia

Beyond the square metres cleared: Mine action and development

Missed the live session? Watch event webinar here:


During this event, UNDP will bring the key stakeholders in Mine Action sector to showcase how Mine Action contributes to development, and to explore the potential for going further beyond mine clearance.

The opening remarks will be delivered by UNDP Associate Administrator and Prince Mired (Jordan). They will set the framework for the high-level panel with focus on developmental solutions offered by Mine Action and which contribute to community resilience and welfare, improvement of livelihoods, victim assistance, etc. Also, the call for further support and stronger involvement of the international community will be made.

Mine Action community is in need of common approaches to the “outcome level” of Mine Action. UNDP as the lead agency within IACG-MA on linking Mine Action to achievement of the SDGs, is committed to scale-up the efforts in applying developmental lens to Mine Action, in partnership with national counterparts, NGOs and operators on the ground.

The panelists will inform on the success stories from the work of their respective agencies in the following areas:

  1. Building strong national Mine Action institutions and capacities. Lebanon are the prime example of the country that has shown long-term national ownership, leadership and commitment, constructively engaging with the international mine action community to address its mine action challenges and to link mine action to the wider national needs and development priorities.
    Speaker:LMAC Director (Lebanon).
  2. Land release and post clearance impact: UNMAS is operating in contexts with limited capacities compared to the scope of the problem. Consequently, wise considerations must be made on how to prioritize the use of scarce mine clearance assets, to ensure that land is put to productive use upon mine clearance.
    Speaker: UNMAS Director
  3. Focus on developmental outcomes: The link between Mine Action and achievement of the SDGs is documented in UNDP-GICHD joint research. With support of the Government of Germany, the next step is to document best practices, measuring socio-economic impact of Mine Action and mainstreaming Mine Action into national planning processes (UNDP project with GICHD as an implementing partner).
    Speakers: GICHD Director; Representative of the Government of Germany.