Development for prosperity



COVID-19 threatens to reverse human development for the first time in 30 years. For those already living in crisis, the pandemic poses an even greater threat to human progress as their ability to sustain resilient lives is eroded in the face of multidimensional crisis.

Recognising this, UNDP fosters economic recovery and works to build resilience to crisis by drawing on local skills, knowledge and innovation to tailor development plans that are fit for the context, support social cohesion and economic development, and reflect the voices of all.

Financing matters. UNDP supports governments to access public and private financing to deliver on Agenda 2030.

UNDP also recognises that responses to crisis cannot be gender blind. Through its soon-to-be-launched gender and crisis facility, UNDP will invest more in tailoring its responses in crisis contexts to the specific situation of women and girls, aiming to prevent gender-based violence and increase economic and decision-making opportunities.


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Development for Prosperity

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