Development for Peace



Peaceful societies are not a static state of being. Sustaining peace requires a concerted and agile approach that addresses the drivers of tension as they arise, thus preventing escalation and diffusing conflict when it occurs anywhere along the path to sustainable development.

Recognising this, UNDP has evolved its prevention and peacebuilding initiatives to ensure they are risk-informed and fully integrated into development plans in crisis contexts. We work to improve the way in which national development processes address grievances related to exclusion and injustice.

Similarly, UNDP has learnt from experience that the path towards good governance must be more focused on the journey, rather than the destination. By reimagining its approach to governance, UNDP is better able to support countries’ institutions to be robust and agile enough to respond to our rapidly changing world, while upholding and respecting the rights of all people.


Development for Peace

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Development for Peace

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Development for Peace

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Braving the Secondary Effects of COVID19 – Development Dialogues

This podcast, from the UNDP’s Development Dialogues series, hosted by Henry Bonsu, dives into the data surrounding fragile countries and how they have been effected by the fall out, or “secondary effects”, of COVID-19. UN expert Gregory Connor, UNDP Representative in Iraq, Zena Ali Ahmad, and Deputy General Secretary, g7+ Secretariat, Habib Ur Rehman Mayar all speak passionately about the changes that must happen within the international community and their plans for a better future for everyone.

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