Rethinking solutions to crisis
in the decade of action

Between March and July 2021, the Development Dialogues series hosted 38 events, featuring over 200 speakers from over 50 countries or regions.


Thanks to the joint efforts by teams across UNDP Global Policy Network, along with our partners from UN agencies, governments, civil society organisations, donors, international financial institutions and academia, the series of development dialogues fostered constructive discussions and reflections on development solutions to the crises of today and tomorrow.


Check out the highlights of the events and a snapshot of UNDP’s next steps in translating new thinking into actions.

COVID-19 exposed humanity’s vulnerability. For people already living in crisis, the pandemic has compounded existing vulnerabilities, making it even harder to survive and thrive.

In the face of this development emergency, business as usual in crisis contexts is just not enough. Bold new approaches are needed if we are to achieve Agenda 2030.

UNDP is evolving its approach to crisis to ensure no one is left behind. Join us by taking part in our dialogue series from March-June 2021.

Co-delivering the Development Dialogues with:



UNDP is on the ground in all the world’s crisis contexts working across all five drivers of development.

Explore each driver below to find our more about UNDP’s work, as well as relevant webinars and stories from the Development Dialogues series.


Building a better, fairer future for the furthest behind


Balancing people and planet to eliminate risk


Resilient human progress with economic, social and political equality


Building the foundation for a better future


Better results together

In the Gambia, we had to hold separate sessions for men and women in order to document the violations because of the social structures and norms @BaldehF, civil society representative @WomenInLiberat1

SAVE THE DATE: How can traditional #governance systems like the Palava Hut be used to increase access to #justice for victims of the civil war?
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The #DevelopmentDialogues are back! The topic of discussion is on how to take action on Liberia's #COP26 commitments to address the #ClimateCrisis. Register to participate using this link